Former Digital Networking (NaC, DNPG, ...) Folks

Last update: Jun-20056

The most recent get together was late January, 2002 at the Olde Oaken Bucket in Westford. Pictures here.

Here's the old (2000) alumni page.

This list consists of folks that consented to be listed, so you too can be listed here - just send me mail at "dnpg (at_sign)". I have taken the liberty of also adding anyone publicly associated with a company, such as officers, as well as listing any companies that I know to have our 'alumni'. (Actually, some names are listed under their companies because someone sent me a good update).

Contact me with updates at cb (at_sign)

Other Resources:

ex-Comet mailing list, for folks who were near VNswitch:
there is also a hubnet mailing list - not sure of the details.

Desiree Awiszio:  desiree_awiszio%$ desiree%$ des911%$
Dana Blanchard: blanchard.dana%$
Mike Carrafiello: mcarrafiello%$
    Avaya, Concord
Peggy Chernoff: Peggy.Chernoff%$
    Lockheed Martin, Chelmsford
Eric Ewanco: eje%$
    Avici Systems, North Billerica
Steve Henderson: shenderson%$ stevehen%$
    Sun (Pirus Networks), Acton
Dick Kirk: dickkirk%$
    PXIT, Lexington
Paul Koning: pkoning%$
    EqualLogic, Nashua
Nick Ilyadis: nilyadis%$
    Nortel Networks, Billerica
Tony Jordan: tony.jordan%$
    Sun Microsystems, San Diego, CA
P. Krishna: pkrishna at
   Reva Systems
Michael Lyons: mdl%$
    NetContinuum, Santa Clara, CA
Barry Machado: barry.machado%$ bmachado%$
    Engim Inc, Acton

Dotsie Millbrandt: dmillbrandt%$
    SeaChange International, Greenville, NH
Pedro Mora: pmora%$

Vicki Prescott: prescott_v%$
Glenn Riley: griley%$
     Nortel Networks
Adam Siegel: duke%$
Stu Soloway: stuart.soloway%$
    McData (but still in Mass)
Ed Szajner: eszajner%$
Chris Szmauz: chris%$
    NetContinuum, Santa Clara, CA

Garth Wiebe: garth%$
    Stratus Technologies, Maynard, MA
Joris Wils: daywils%$

the list of who's where


Mike Carrafiello
Dick Kirk


Paul Callahan
Cheryl Galvin
Dahai Ding

Avici, Billerica:

(far fewer than last year, not sure who's still there)
Eric Ewanco
Chris Gunner
Seamus Daly

BigBand Networks (formerly ADC, formerly Broadband Access)

Dan Flowers


Joe Tardo
Chris Payson


Kevin Hebert
Carol Iturralde
Alan Kirby
Dave Oran

Corvil, Ireland

Donal Byrne (also was at Berkeley/Fore)

Eggert Engineering:

John Eggert (as always, of course)


Barry Machado


Paul Koning (also was at Xedia/Lucent)
Peter Hayden


Vicki Prescott
Arnold Sodder



Charlie Kaufman

iTouch Communications/Nbase/Xyplex

Internet Photonics

Tom Ertel


Henry Yang

Juniper (Unisphere Networks, Redstone/Argon/Castle):

Steve Branam
Shawn Gallagher
Susan Martin
Luc Pariseau
Michael Socaciu
Peter Troisi
Susan Ursch

Laurel Networks

Atul Bansal

LSI Logic (via Mint Tech):

MSL (Manufacturer's Services Limited):

MC Data:

Anil Rijhsinghani
Stu Soloway


Raj Jain

NetContinuum, CA

Wing Cheung (also was at Berkeley/Fore)
Michael Lyons (also was at Berkeley/Fore)
Peter Roman (also was at Berkeley/Fore)
Chris Szmauz

Nortel Networks (via Bay):

Nick Ilyadis
Glenn Riley



Tom Gulick


(email: [first initial followed by last name] %$
Gary Vacon
Paul Callahan
Floyd Backes


Doug Washabaugh

SeaChange Systems, NH

Dotsie Millbrandt

Sequoia Partners

Mike Goguen

Sun Microsystems:

Tony Jordan
Steve Henderson (via Pirus Networks)
Radia Perlman
Greg Waters

Sycamore, Chelmsford

Top Layer Networks

Barry Spinney
many others

Univ of California, San Diego

George Varghese

Verizon/BBN Technologies:


Whitney Co (VC firm):


Zaic (was ASIC Alliance)