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Former Digital Networking (NaC, DNPG, ...) Folks

This list consists of folks that consented to be listed, in association with a November, 2000 get together, plus others that subsequently explicitly asked. I have taken the liberty of also adding anyone publicly associated with a company, such as officers, as well as listing any companies that I know to have our 'alumni'.
Last update: 25-Nov-2000.

email messages sent for the 20-Nov-2000 reunion:
  Send email to Chuck at "dnpg (at_sign)" to be listed on alum page

Chuck's main homepage

Other Resources:

ex-Comet mailing list, for folks who were near VNswitch:
there is also a hubnet mailing list - not sure of the details.

3com, Marlboro:

Jim Hiscock
Ray Shoop
many, still !

Appian Communications, Boxboro:

Harsh Kapoor (per web site)
+ more

ASIC Alliance


Trim Oduri

Atoga, CA

Cuneyt Ozveren (also was at Berkeley/Fore)

Avici, Billerica:

Rob Faulds
Steve Glaser
Chris Gunner
Pedro Mora
Greg Waters

Axent (formerly AltaVista)

Brix Networks:

Rich Pagliaro

Broadband Access Systems, Westborough (part of ADC)

Cereva, Marlboro

Joris Wils

Cisco, Chelmsford:


yes, at least one person from our alumni crowd is still there !

Coriolos Networks:

Surya Kumar Kovvali
Bruce Thompson

DNPG, LLC, aka Digital Networks:

And, yes, some are still with the products we left behind:
Dennis Majikas

Eggert Engineering:

John Eggert (as always, of course)


Desiree Awiszio (also Lucent/Ascend, and elsewhere)

Ennovate Networks, Boxboro:

Paul Doolan
and more

Enterasys (formerly Cablescrawn)

Vickie Prescott
and more


FirstMark, Europe

Donal Byrne (also was at Berkeley/Fore)

Gotham Networks:

Sandeep Golikeri


Jeff Koehler


Paul Koning (also was at Xedia/Lucent)

iTouch Communications/Nbase/Xyplex

Garth Wiebe
+ others

LSI Logic (via Mint Tech):

Jim Keeley
+ others

Lucent via Neonet/Nexabit (Marlboro), 1997-1999:

Chuck Benz
+ others

Lucent via Cascade/Ascend, or SpringTide, or Xedia:


MSL (Manufacturer's Services Limited):

Marconi (via Berkeley, then Fore), CA

Jeff Tuckey (the sole Berkeley/Fore/GEC/Marconi alum still at Marconi)

MC Data:

Jim Kuenzel
+ more


Abbie Bourgan

NetContinuum, CA

Wing Cheung (also was at Berkeley/Fore)
Michael Lyons (also was at Berkeley/Fore)
Peter Roman (also was at Berkeley/Fore)
Chris Szmauz

Nortel Networks (via Bay):

Richard Columbo
Richard Kirk
Joe Long (was at Lucent/Ascend)

+many, many others


Pirus, Acton

Steve Henderson

Procket Networks

Bob Thomas (ex-Berkeley) is on their Advisory Board

Riverstone (formerly Cablescrawn)

Doug Washabaugh

SeaChange Systems, NH

Dotsie Millbrandt

Sun Microsystems:

Sycamore, Chelmsford


Tenor Networks, Acton

Ann Marie Rhodes (was also at Nortel/Bay/NetICs)

Top Layer Networks

Barry Spinney
many others

Unisphere Networks (Redstone/Argon/Castle):

Paul Natusch (Argon)

Verizon/BBN Technologies:

Steve Polit



Whitney Co (VC firm):

Brendan Hannigan (also was at Forrester)


Stealth mode startup #1 in Westboro:

Mark Matulaitis
Chris Payson
+ many others anonymous

Stealth mode startup #2 in Concord

(and there are undoubtably more at other stealth mode startups...)